N&W in 1912--Two injured

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 28, 1912

Both Picked Up and Thrown From Cab When Extra Engine Plunged Into Its Rear
W. C. Bone, a brakeman, and Conductor C. B. Lowder were picked up and thrown from their caboose on Clinch Valley time freight No. 86 yesterday morning about 5 o'clock, when extra east engine, No. 1083 [Class M1] plunged into the rear of the time freight. The accident occurred just east of the tunnel near Cedar Bluff while the caboose was crossing the bridge at that point. Bone, who was sitting in the cupola of the caboose, was thrown fully forty feet to the river in which he landed, receiving a severe scalp wound, while in addition to bruising his body he injured his leg. It is believed that landing in the water broke his fall to such as extent that his injuries will not prove fatal. Conductor Lowder was injured about the side, but his injuries are not considered serious. Bone lives at 130 Baldwin avenue. The exact cause of the rear end collision cannot be learned and an investigation will be made by the railroad officials. It is said that the time freight was running slow, while the extra east was making a pretty good speed, not thinking the time freight was so close ahead. The fact that both trains were in the tunnel just before the accident occurred probably prevented the engineer on the extra from seeing the tail lights of the time freight.
[Tail lights?]

Gordon Hamilton
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