Pocahontas Division towers

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I took a look at the Clinchfield timetables from 1943 through 1958, and
here's no mention of a SX Tower in those either, simply St. Paul Tower, the
ame as you found on the 1982 dispatcher's sheet.
Up until just recently I had access to a complete collection of both Railway
ge and Railway Signaling magazines, but the museum which held those had a
ire in July and is now closed. Looking back, I would imagine there would
ave been an article (1957 era) on the Clinch Valley traffic control system
nstallation which might have provided some information.
That 1917 USRA inventory that you mentioned...is there anything in there
bout the interlocking at Cedar Bluff? Also, is there a inventory for the
ry Fork and Buchanan Branches which might help with information on the
owers at Dry Fork Jct. (Iaeger), Devon and Weller?
Thanks again for your help!
I'm not that much up on history, but Weller MAY not have been there
in 1917. Next time at the archives I'll check to see if any information
exists about the towers at Iaeger, Devon, and maybe Weller. In some
cases, the inventory team took pictures. These inventories usually
show components used in building construction, measurements, and an
account of how many desks, typewriters, etc. Don't know if you know
how to scout the NWHS website (www.NWHS.org), but there is a 1924
photo of Iaeger tower there. Harry Bundy

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