Pocahontas Division towers

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As a late comer wouldn't the CC&O have had responsibility for the "tower" controling movement over the "crossing?" If so, the tower would not show up in N&W accounts.

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Thank you Harry. The early N&W timetables show the St. Paul location as 'SX Tower' at least through 1950, but by 1/1/67 it was listed as simply St. Paul.

I think the remains of the Cedar Bluff interlocking station are still there, with NS having removed the top half of the structure. If I'm correct, it appears as though it may still be used to house the Cedar Bluff interlocking mechanism.


A 1955 Pocahontas Div. timetable shows no SX Tower. Traffic control was a long time coming
to the Clinch Valley (1957), but Clinchfield converted to CTC long before N&W and that may have
caused the closing of "SX". Having reviewed the USRA's 5/17/17 inventory for the Graham-
Norton territory, I found no entry for a tower on the N&W, so it must have been a Clinchfield
operation, not that there's anything wrong with that. There is no diamond at St. Paul, so
Clinchfield trains travel for a few hundred feet on the N&W before diverting to Dante or Erwin.
Here's a real head-scratcher. On 1982 Clinchfield dispatcher's train sheets, the station is
shown as St. Paul TOWER. Harry Bundy


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