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The first mention of thawing sheds in the N&W Annual Reports is in the 1951 Annual Report which states that the sheds were installed in that year for Lamberts Point Pier 4 (now long gone). The 1962 Annual Report states that thawing sheds accommodating 16 cars were provided for the then new Pier 6.

The N&W thawing sheds were designed to minimize damage to the hopper cars by using convection heating (controlled low flames below the cars) or infra-red radiant heating. Some customers' unloading facilities were not so considerate. I remember hearing about a steel mill in Ohio that would build roaring fires under the cars, damaging steel sheets and particularly destroying journal bearings, brake slack adjusters, air brake valves. etc.

Gordon Hamilton

There was a plant west of South Point that barbequed hoppers, and Portsmouth shop had to get them
back in shape. But about the Pier 6 thaw shed -- I wonder if NS's new aluminum hoppers are verbotten ?
Harry Bundy

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