Virginian in 1911--Hales Gap Tunnel

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 9, 1911

The Hale Tunnel on the Virginian Railway, which caved in about three months ago, has been opened for traffic. During the time that the tunnel was closed for repairs the Virginian Railway used the Norfolk and Western tracks connecting at Big Stoney Junction and running to Kelleysville [sic]. In order to prevent future cavings of tunnels the Virginian Railway has entered into a contract for the lining with concrete of a number of tunnels on the line. The work will take several months.
[As reported in a previous posting of a BDT article, the tunnel collapsed on August 14, 1911. A Virginian track chart gives the tunnel name as "Hales Gap" and the west end of the detour as "Kellysville."]

Gordon Hamilton
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