Randolph Street Interlocking - pre-1950s

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Sat Jul 16 23:13:30 EDT 2011

Does anyone know if a print exist of the "old" Randolph Street Tower's interlocking in Roanoke? By "old," I mean the interlocking when it was handled by armstrong levers and mechanical linkage, before the circa-1952 (?) "modern" Randolph Street "all relay" interlocking.

Also looking for the date the original interlocking was constructed there.

I conjecture that the old, mechanical interlocking handled just the switches to the Shenandoah Division and perhaps a crossover or two at the station, with switches at the west end of the station, Henry Street, and perhaps also the east end of the station, handled by switch tenders. What I have not figured out is how the tracks off the Punkin' Vine were worked.

-- abram burnett
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