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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 6, 1911

Conductors May be Required to Give Passengers Exact Change

Conductors J. A. Godfrey, L. E. Mastin, Charles Barger, Ben Crumpler, Captain Beard, Floyd Francisco, E. W. Francisco and Bob Calloway left last night for Kenova, where they will appear today before a magistrate in connection with a case that will be called in a justice's court on complaint of a passenger who has a grievance, the nature of which was not fully explained here yesterday. It appears that this passenger boarded Norfolk and Western passenger trains at various points at which it is alleged there were ticket offices and when he tendered his fare he was given a cash fare receipt after payment was demanded in excess of the regular scheduled fare, no rebate check and receipt being given in return for the money, which he alleges was taken illegally.
It is understood that commencing with the first of the year the collectors will be required to carry pennies so as to make exact change instead of following the custom of the past of giving change, the smallest unit being a nickel. Excess charges of ten and fifteen cents will be made where passengers do not purchase tickets at stations where tickets are regularly offered for sale.
If this order is carried into effect it is possible that newspapers may be eventually sold for pennies on the trains instead of the customary charge of a nickel.

Gordon Hamilton
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