Last N&W CPL Signals in Tidewater Coming Down

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Ed and all,

I was interested in the photos of the about to be felled N&W cpl signals and also the replacement masts standing behind them. They seem very high up from track level. Here in the UK the move has been to lower signals during replacement so that they are as close as possible to the engineer's eye level. This also makes it safer for when signal maintainers have to climb the masts for repair or maintenance. Does anyone know why the signals are at such a height?

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Two thoughts:
1- At the point where the photo was made, traffic control is in effect on both tracks -- as far as Shell Road
as I recall. It is possible to run trains on either track in both directions. Now suppose there's a train of
double stacks on the westbound and a set of light units traveling west on the eastbound wanting to pass
the signal and back into Portlock at the west end. Could the crew on the light units see the signal if it
were at eye level ?

2- On Norfolk Terminal, the height of signals was probably an advantage -- vandals regularly hurled ballast
through the lenses of the dwarf signals. Think the dwarf signals finally became encased in wire.

The ladders and platforms on the cpl's have rusted so badly that maintainers need a bucket truck to
perform repairs on the signal targets. Harry Bundy

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