DPU trains (was Re: Thunder on Blue Ridge)

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You are correct Pete reported the wrong number. The train with the pusher
was the second stack that morning. Sorry to cause confusion.

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Ray Smoot asked:

> It is about 130 miles from Jonesborough, TN to Christiansburg, VA. It took

> 202 about 7? hours to cover this space, or less than 20 mph.

I figure it is about 150 track miles from Christiansburg to Jonesborough,
give or take. (7.5 Cburg to Walton, about 111 from Walton to the State Line
in Bristol, and ~31.5 to Jonesborough).

I actually photographed 202 at 12:05 in Christiansburg, so make it 5 and a
half hours (and less if Pete actually saw 23G, which was 30 minutes behind
202 at Christiansburg.

That makes it 27.5 mph (or maybe as high as 30).

> A truck would have covered this in about three hours.

And likely less on a purely interstate run.

> Is this typical of stack trains?

In mountainous areas with curves and grades.
They can probably complete better in flat areas.

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA
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