N&W in 1911--Four events

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 8, 1911

Unknown Man Killed
An unknown man, a foreigner, was killed on the east end yard yesterday morning. An engine was backing to hook up some cars and ran over him. A rod pierced the body near the heart. He was very heavily clad, but had only one paper, a small slip on which was written in pencil "No. 124" and by typewriter "Berwind, W. Va."
Finger Severed from Hand
William Watts, colored, met with a peculiar and painful accident yesterday in the motor room at the ash hoist when he seized hold of the cable used for lifting the ash containers and just as he did so the cable started, catching his right hand, one of the fingers of which was severed. Before the machinery could be stopped his arm was wound underneath the cable on the drum and badly bruised. He was taken to a hospital. It is claimed that Watts had been warned of the danger just before the accident occurred when he attempted to pull the slack from the drum.
Tramp Under Wreckage
At the time of the Norfolk and Western coal train wreck at Glen Lynn [sic] on May 25, when two tramps were slightly injured, the trainmen at the time stated that a third tramp was missing and it was thought that he was under the coal. The coal cars had overturned on the bank of the river, and it was not until Tuesday that the bottom of the big pile was reached, and then sure enough the third tramp, a negro [sic], was found.
Arrested for Trespassing
Officer Walters arrested a man who gave his name as Jim Hickman this morning for trespassing. Hickman, who was asleep in a box car, stated that he walked from Saltville, Va., to Richlands where he caught a freight to this city. A razor was found on him which will secure him a few days work on the streets.
Gordon Hamilton
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