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Attached is a photo I took 5-23-06 at Whitethorne of the 9801 pusher
equipped with the "cut off on the fly" equipment. Notice that the 9801
MR hose (main reservoir line) is hooked to the device and an ACT
(actuating line) from 9801 is hooked to the cylinder above the pin
puller. When the 9801 is connected to the last coal car in a train to be
pushed, as I understand it, another device is inserted between the train
line on the 9801 and the train line on the last car. When the engineer
is ready to "cut off on the fly" he "bales down on the independent brake
handle causing the actuating line to allow MR air into the cylinder to
lift the cut lever opening the knuckle and cutting the locomotive off.
At this time when the train line hoses separate, the inserted device
senses the cut and shuts off the train line air on the last car and
stays with the last car. I spoke to an engineer at Whitethorne sometime
later and he told me that the pusher always goes into /EMERGENCY /and
the engineer on the pusher "holds his breath that the device in the
train line works to keep the coal train being pushed to NOT "big hole".

Skip Salmon

See image at following:

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As added info, Whitethrorn pushers using the cut-on-the-fly device go
into emergeny when they cut away from the train. The fly device only
closes the angle cock on the cars.
Jimmy Lisle


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