N&W in 1911--Financials

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There is a short answer and a longer one. The short answer was hauling coal,
and lots of it being increased each year.

The longer answer involved the N&W hauling about 2 million tons of coal
annually in the early 1890s while it was hauling more than 13 million tons
by 1911. It did this very well because of making sound management and
engineering decisions, which in turn brought it profitability and
prosperity, and did this on very rather short and hilly road. The financial
market began recognizing this well-run railroad and its value reflected

It got even better than this after 1911.

Bud Jeffries

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 20, 1911



Thanks, Gordon, for transcribing this article. Does anyone have insights as
to the reasons for prosperity during 1911? It is quite a contrast to the
1890s N&W and Shenandoah Valley Railroads when they were in receivership.

Good afternoon,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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