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I have already been offered a few submissions, and it appears that I might produce a separate 1218 calendar. However, the graphic designer/producer for the calendar (s) has not been lined up yet, and I would like to receive offers as well before I make a decision on how many calendars I will produce.

Lois J. Ponton

Friends of the 611

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One fundraising project I have already started. I have initiated the first calendar from my group, the Friends of the 611. I am looking for submissions of photos of 611 and 1218, both print and JPG files. Please refer to my email address ljp611 at for sending of JPG photos and for my snailmail address for sending prints. I am also in the lookout for a calendar printer so we can get these 'babies' printed and on sale as soon as possible, so the fundraising efforts can begin.
Lois J. Ponton
Manager, Friends of the 611

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(snip) I feel fortunate to have seen, filmed, and ridden behind 1218 in action from 1987 to 1994, and don't think it will happen again. (snip)
Shoot, many of us didn't think it would happen the first time! Keep positive thoughts and think of the ways to raise lots of money!

Take care

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