Norton photography incident

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It really is not the photographers fault that the engineer got off the train
without his vest. Hey I am sorry for the engineer but he was wrong, not the

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I agree with you entirely. Over the years on the high iron I have witnessed
several fans spoil the trust awarded to them by staff by photographing or
filming things just like you say. This has led sometimes to a fan going from
the position of being a friend to one of a foe in a split second.

Another growing problem is the website YouTube (and no doubt similar sites)
whereby fans can post railroad action literally seconds after they have
filmed it and all the world can see it. Recently one of our locomotive
engineers was disciplined for leaving the cab to use the telephone affixed
to the signal post as per the rules but he was not wearing his hi-visibility
vest and this ended up on YouTube which is how management found out.

Kind regards to you all,

Cameron Tyre

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