Virginian in 1910--Shooting

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 29, 1910

Excitement at Virginian Depot at Princeton When Brakeman Became Violently Insane
Considerable excitement was created at the Princeton depot just after midnight this morning when Richard Seymour, of Hinton, a Virginian Railway brakeman, went violently insane, becoming possessed with the idea that some one was trying to shoot him. He refused to go home and after performing all kinds of stunts climbed on top of the boiler of an engine shouting that they were going to shoot him. The man first showed signs of insanity at Yellow Sulphur but these signs passed away only to fully develop when the man reached Princeton, which was the end of his run. When the railway people and Seymour's friends saw they could do nothing with him they sent in a call for the Princeton police who took Seymour in tow and placed him in custody for personal safety. It is probably that a commission will pass on the man's mental condition and recommend his being sent to some state institution.
Gordon Hamilton
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