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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 1, 1910

H. L. Austin, a Brakeman, is Brought to Hospital Here With Several Broken Ribs
H. L. Austin, a brakeman, was brought to the Bluefield Sanatorium last night suffering with several broken ribs as the result of a fall from an engine to the bottom of the creek below the railroad bridge at Panther. The man had been riding on the engine and started to step off at Panther when, without closely watching where he was landing, he stepped onto the edge of a railroad bridge. The standing room was not wide enough to hold him with the result that he fell to the bottom of the creek, fifteen feet below. Austin landed on his side in such a manner that his ribs were broken. The man was attended by Dr. Hatfield before being brought to the local hospital. He is a brother of M. I. Austin, a railroad engineer, and his father lives at Ingleside.
Gordon Hamilton
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