Front Royal 2010 Convention

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Mon Mar 8 23:38:46 EST 2010

Join us in Front Royal for our 26th Annual Convention, the first ever
on the Shenandoah Division!

As always, the railroad has changed a lot since the days of lumbering
steam-powered Y's dragging freight and streamlined K's providing
through Pullman service from New York. But big-time railroading in
these parts is far from a distant memory.

We'll see how Norfolk Southern is upgrading its lines, adding second
track, improving junctions, and increasing train speeds as part of
its Crescent Corridor project to move even more freight than ever.
We'll visit the Virginia Inland Port, an intermodal terminal
providing international container shipping and customs service 220
miles from the ports at Norfolk.

We'll also be returning to the past by visiting the many surviving
stations still standing along the Hagerstown District.

Information for the NWHS 2010 Convention in Front Royal is now on the
web site at

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