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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 3, 1910

Three Sticks of Dynamite and Twenty Nitroglycerine Caps Taken From No. 18
Yesterday morning when train No. 18 [Gary, WV to Bluefield, WV local] arrived in this city a package containing about twenty dynamite caps and three sticks of dynamite was carefully lifted from the train by detectives and the nitroglycerine caps were treated to a solution of water which was in a pail in the baggage room. The three sticks of dynamite were taken out of harm's way by detectives who were put on the track of the men suspected of carrying the explosives in a trunk which was put on the train in the ordinary way between Gary and Bluefield.
When the train left Gary yesterday morning a number of foreigners got aboard and put their baggage in the car where it was taken in charge by a negro [sic]. The regular baggage agent is not supposed to be up when the train leaves Gary at an early hour.
Shortly after the baggage was put on, the negro noticed that it contained nitroglycerine caps which had fallen from the trunk. He reported the matter to the conductor but the foreigners, who smelled a rat, denied ownership of the truck and contents and left this city without their trunk. They evidently knew it was against the law to carry explosives in trunks or baggage. The contents, dynamite and caps included, were not worth more than five dollars. This is the second time this week that foreigners have been found carrying explosives in baggage and the railroad is determined to put a stop to it. There was enough dynamite in the trunk found yesterday to blow the train to pieces if it were properly set off.
Gordon Hamilton
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