"M" Class locomotives

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Some clarification is needed about stokers on M2's. As stated below, the M and M1's were all hand-fired. No M2, M2a, b or c were equipped with stokers as built. M2 number 1136 were equipped with a stoker in 1911 as an experiment as the first stoker ever applied to an N&W engine. The M2's were all equipped with stokers in 1915-19.

This is covered in my revised edition of N&W: Giant of Steam and I stated that this information was a change from the original edition.

The first class of locmotives equipped with stokers on the N&W was the Class Z1 of 1912.

Bud Jeffries
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Gene: It appears that the M's and M1's were all hand fired, the M2a,b,c (Roanoke built were fitted with stokers)

R.D. Williams


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Were any of the "M" class locomotives ever fitted with stokers?

Gene A.


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