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I know that the class M's had the boiler halfway into the cab space. What was the reason for that? I think they were called "deckless" locomotives or something.
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Thanks for the link to the Stradburg RR video of 475. It brings back recent memories as I was there this past September. Alas, #475 wasn't under stream at the time so I "had" to ride behind the "other" steam locomotive.

As a side note, I was told by the gentleman that was giving the backshop, machine shop, etc tour that the engineers/firemen at Strasburg are not overly excited about operating #475 due to the lack of cab floor space. After inspecting the engine myself I was rather surprised at how little floor space there is. Pictures really don't convey the reality. Can any one on the list say what the normal work a day class M crew thought about their charge?

Dave Moorehead
Milford, Ohio

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