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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 28, 1910

Painters Kick on Food
Master Carpenter J. R. Anderson, of the Norfolk and Western, who resides in Graham, was called on Tuesday night by a committee of insurgent Pocahontas division painters. While policies could not directly be blamed for the trouble in the painters' camp; yet the high cost of living had something to do with the rumpus, for the painters represented that they were not being fed a sufficient amount and of sufficient varieties to appease their ever-coming appetites. The entire crew mutinied and most of them came to Graham to interview Mr. Anderson. The spokesman declared that butter was a rarity on the table of the camp car outfit and said beans were the favorite dish for the morning meal as well as the leader for the other two meals every day in the week, Sunday not excluded. Mr. Anderson promised the striking painters to investigate their grievance with a view of getting the trouble adjusted. The railroad men filled up a local hotel here Tuesday night and ordered butter for breakfast Wednesday morning.
Lost Foot Looking for Work
[This is the same incident reported in a different article in the same newspaper and posted on the Mailing List yesterday.]
Louis Falls, a young white man nineteen years of age, who claims Roanoke as his home, had the misfortune to lose his left foot here yesterday on the railroad. The accident occurred shortly after the noon hour directly in front of the tower. The young man with a companion attempted to board a passing freight train, missed his hold and was thrown violently to the ground, his foot catching under the wheels of the rapidly moving cars. The injured man was taken to the offices of Drs. Witten and Frazier for surgical attention and later sent to the railroad hospital at Bluefield. He was on his way to the coalfields in search of employment and being without means intended making the trip on a freight train.
Gordon Hamilton
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