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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 22, 1910

Baggage Car, Two Crowded Day Coaches and Club Car Derailed But No One Was Injured
Train No. 13 on the Virginian Railway was wrecked yesterday morning between Eggleston and Pembroke, the tender of the engine, one baggage car, two day coaches and the club car being thrown from the track. The coaches and the baggage car were derailed in such a manner that they lay against the bank. The entire train was well filled with passengers on their way to Roanoke to attend the ball game.
How they came to go through the wreck without serious injuries is a mystery but up to late in the afternoon no one was reported hurt, although a number were badly frightened when the cars left the track and turned on their side.
A message from the division offices of the company at Princeton yesterday said that no one was injured. The superintendent's office claimed that it did not have a report of the number of passengers on the train when the wreck occurred. The office also claimed that the club car was not completely overturned, only the front trucks having left the track.
Wreck trains were sent from Princeton to the scene of the accident but up to a late hour yesterday afternoon the cars had not been gotten back so that they could go ahead. Passengers were transferred so that could go ahead. Passengers were transferred so that they might continue their trips.
The chief clerk to the superintendent said yesterday afternoon that the cause of the wreck had not been determined but judging from the lay of the cars it was most likely either a broken flange or a spread rail. This is the second passenger wreck the road has had within a few weeks, and strange to say, in both cases no one was seriously injured. Passengers on No. 1 on the Norfolk and Western who passed the scene of the Virginian wreck about 11:30 yesterday morning claimed that all the cars had overturned except the engine. The Virginian runs on the opposite side of the river from the Norfolk and Western where the wreck occurred.
Gordon Hamilton
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