Paint Bank and the Potts Valley line

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The Potts Valley was covered in the July/August 2002 Arrow:

There was a wye just northeast of the station. I have heard it referred to
as "turntable bottom", but not sure why since there was a wye.

The following DOQ map appears to be from older data. The wye trackage and
what appears to be a loop of track around what I assume was the ore washing
facility is more visible than in the google maps.,-80.25820&z=17&t=O&marker0=37.56901%2C-80.26200%2Cpaint%20bank\%2C%20wv

I think the N&W & C&O came within about 7 to 8 miles from each other here.
Near saw anything to suggest any serious ideas of linking the railroads

The station at Waiteville is still standing and is in private hands. In
decent shape. There are photos of it on the web, but couldn't find any quickly.

There is also a sign near Waiteville about the "Potts Valley Rail Trail".
They appear to have surveyed the line from about the VA line to Waiteville.

Another got overview of the Potts Valley history is here:

- Roger Link

NW Mailing List wrote:

> Listers:

> Ok, I'm on the Google maps again! With a little ''

> thrown in. Now some questions:


> 1. Appears to have been a wye just past the station at Paint Bank.

> Satellite view hints of a wye.

> Is this as far as the Potts Valley line went? Looks like it. Were there

> any plans to extend it on north 25 - 30 miles to Covington?


> Link:



> 2. Were there any plans to extend it on north 25 - 30 miles to Covington?


> 3. Is this (Paint Bank) the only wooden (or not) two story N&W station

> left? As you may know, it is now a bed and breakfast.



> 4. Since the Craigs Valley line of the C&O was only 10-12 miles away in

> Newcastle, were there any plans to

> connect and interchange?


> I know some of this was covered awhile back in a nice article in THE

> ARROW. Could someone direct me to the issue?

> Thanks,

> Charlie Long

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