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I believe that some(?) locos had brake valves that were triggered if
the pony truck derailed; maybe the dog carcass hit that.

pete groom
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> Bluefield Daily Telegraph

> May 25, 1910



> ------

> Dead Dog Stops Train

> The passengers on train No. 11 on the Clinch Valley received a

> big scare on Monday afternoon near Cedar Bluff, when the air brakes

> were suddenly thrown on and the train came to a standstill.

> Passengers jumped from every car to see what was wrong and on

> investigation by the train crew it was found that a shepherd dog

> which had been run over had been thrown in such a way that an angle

> cock on the air hose was closed and this brought the train to the

> sudden stop.

> ------

> [Closing an angle cock would not cause the brakes to go into

> emergency, but there are two other possibilities. The most likely

> is that the unfortunate dog could have been thrown up by the

> engine's pilot and its body could have opened the angle cock on the

> front of the engine, which would cause the brakes to go into

> emergency, or, less likely, the dog's body could have somehow hit

> and uncoupled the air hoses between the tender and the first car, or

> between two of the cars, likewise causing the brakes to go into

> emergency.]


> Gordon Hamilton

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