Mississippi Woman Sues RR for injuries while taking pictures.

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This is why there are FEW steam programs...thanks morons!

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The lady was trespassing on the railroad tracks themselves when she was
almost killed and has the audacity to sue for her stupidity. This one is as
bad as the McDonald's coffee farse. The problem if she gets a judge or a
jury that sees her side the railroad will be in big trouble. Don Mills

5a. Ms - Woman sues RR for injuries while taking pictures
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Date: Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:48 am ((PST))

Woman sues RR for injuries while taking pictures

JACKSON, Miss. - Helen Gable was taking pictures on the railroad tracks in
Tupelo in 2006 when a train nearly cut off her leg as she tried to get out
of the way.

Gable and her husband are suing the railroad company for nearly $6 million.

Gable says the company should have posted trespassing signs to keep people

The lawsuit also claims the train was exceeding federal speed limits and
that a cable was hanging off the side and cut her.

BNSF Railway Company spokeswoman Suann Lundsberg said the company is
investigating and is sympathetic to Gable's injuries, but "she admits in her
lawsuit filing that she was trespassing" to take photos on the track.

Lundsberg also said BNSF has equipment that detects if something is hanging
or dragging from a train.


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