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Tom Dixon and TLC publishing are very pleased to announce two new books.

First is *N&W’s Powhatan Arrow*. This book is softbound, 128 pages,
approximately 200 pictures. It’s the story of the train from 1946 to 1967.
Retail price is $24.95; I believe that this book will be marketed by both
the N&W Historical Society and the C&O Historical Society.

Second is *West Virginia Railroads; Railroading in the Mountain State*. 128
pages, covering an overall history of railroads operating in West Virginia,
including C&O, N&W, VGN, B&O, and NYC, focusing on the years 1940-1960. This
is the first volume in a planned series of books focusing on the individual
railroads. Softbound, retail $25.95. I believe that both societies will be
marketing this book, also.

Disclaimer: I’m a friend (I think)of Tom Dixon’s, and a member of both
societies. I have no financial stake in this book or TLC.

Frank Bongiovanni
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