Radford, Pocahontas & Scioto Divisions 1950s

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Guys: I think we are getting too far down the track on pushers on Kingston Hill. They may have been used in earlier days around the turn of the century (we need to check the employee timetables for certainty). Do we have facts? I do have the file on the changes in Chillicothe (somewhere) due to dynamometer car tests with Y-3’s. There was a sag in the RoW in Chilli that took the Y-3’s ‘off the power curve’ that was measured by tests. Improvements in the line and grade allowed a better run at the hill for w/b’s and allowed the Y-3’s to run at their best performance under load. The N&W made these tests while the C&O was still running on the Scioto Division 1917-1927. This change in grade and RoW was done in 1924 if I remember correctly. This file does not discuss the use of pushers on these Y-3 pulled trains at all. It does discuss the increase in tonnage on the trains.

Gary Rolih

Went back to a 1923 Scioto Division timetable and here are the ratings Portsmouth
to Joyce Avenue:
year - 1923 1924 1925 1926 1929 1934 1942
Time freight 2500 2500 2800 3100 3400 3800 5600
Slow freight 6500 7000 7000 7500 8500 10,000* 12,500
* Indicates ratings for H.P. Y-3s

Each year, it appears that the tonnage rating went up. In the timetables, there
were no instructions for doubling the hill or tonnage ratings WITH pusher.

That done, I thought the climb from the Scioto River up Delano Hill was
THE grade in both directions. It wasn't. The ruling grade is eastbound
from Dorney to Kingston -- 0.43%. Only have two years of ratings
from Joyce Avenue to Portsmouth for Y-3s:
Year 1923 1956
Slow-Loads 5000 6700
Mtys 2500 3900
Time 2500 5150
Harry Bundy

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