Virginian in 1910--Fatality

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I know it was still there when you and I were schoolboys in the late '60's, Ray.

Sam Putney

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Does anyone know when the Shelby passing track was removed? My recollection is that it was around until the 1980's but I am not sure. Thanks.

Ray Smoot

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
May 21, 1910



Extra Freight Train on Virginian Crashed Into Slide

Extra freight No. 437 on the Virginian crashed into a slide at Shelby yesterday, derailing a large engine and eight cars besides killing the fireman, Roy Eaton. The freight was an eastbound coal train, carrying a long train of cars. Only a few details can be secured. It was expected that the track would be cleared, repaired and traffic resumed by night. Some of the railroad men claim that the heavy Mallet engines are responsible for the wrecks. Their immense weight added to the immense weight of the long trains wears on the newly made track to such an extent that it is not physically able to stand the traffic.


[Shelby at MP 279.1, just west of the summit of the grade near the N&W overhead crossing at Merrimack and near the west end of Allegheny Tunnel, was the location of a passing siding.]

Gordon Hamilton


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