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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 22, 1910

Eighteen Loaded Cars Piled in a Heap As Result of Head-on Collision Near Glen Alum

Sunday morning abut 4 o'clock another disastrous wreck occurred at Glen Alum, due to lapped orders. Two firemen were killed at their posts while two engineers were badly injured. The dead:
C. J. JESSE, Carterton, Va.
D. R. MARTIN, Narrows, Va.
William Hatcher and Leonard Akers were injured. They were given medical attention and are now in the hospital. It is not thought that their injuries are serious.
Eighteen loaded cars on one train were wrecked while a number of empties on the other were also smashed up.
The wrecked trains were an extra and No. 84. No. 84 was being pulled by engine No. 875 [W1, 2-8-0, blt. 1901], while engines 1091 [M1, 4-8-0, blt. 1907] and 404 [M, 4-8-0, blt. 1906] pulled the extra. No. 84 was eastbound while the extra was going west.
Conflicting orders were issued with the result that the wreck occurred while both trains were making fairly good speed. Both firemen were throwing coal into their engines when the head on collision came and they were buried underneath. The engineers saw the smash coming and Hatcher and Akers were injured although they succeeded in jumping. Engineer J. W. Buchanan, who was on the pusher, jumped and was not injured, although four cars in front of the engine were all smashed up.
Fireman Martin's remains were taken to his home Sunday night on No. 16 while those of Mr. Jesse were taken to his home yesterday morning.
Train No. 4 was delayed for several hours while all movement was delayed until the wreckage could be cleared up. The wreck was one of the worst which has occurred in some time on the road. Cars were smashed and thrown on all sides while three engines were put out of commission.
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