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Sun Jul 12 20:53:52 EDT 2009

Hope all of you enjoyed Roanoke as much as I did. Thanks to all of
those who continue staging our 'annual' at such a high level. I skipped
the tours; have done them on previous visits. Instead focused on my own
interests; track arrangements, bridges, some structures. Went to
Wabun/Singer for another close look at the ex-VGN skewed truss bridge.
Didn't get close; much more overgrowth now than 5 years ago made it

Enjoyed meeting Tom Dixon; liked his comment that modelers are by
nature the core of historic preservation. Brings a couple of NWHS
members to mind.

Struggled with northbound I-81 traffic on the way home. Must have been
liberals on their way to D.C.: limping along in the left lane; holding
everything else up; ignoring the majority.

Jerome Crosson

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