Manassas Railway festival only 10 days away - Saturday, June 6th

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Wed May 27 18:23:38 EDT 2009

The 15th (has it been THIS many?) Manassas Railway Festival is only a week and a half away.

It is held outdoors and centered around an older part of downtown, where the 1914 Manassas train station is located.

In past years there have been estimated at 10,000-25,000 attendees.


Because it was free of admission and there were lots and lots of things to do and eat and see. Now all those other things may not be free but with such good fellowship and a chance to renew old friendships and make new ones, and to see so many things you had no idea were out there, who could keep from having a good time?

In past years there have been loads of Festival day only food vendors offerring their wares, dealers at their booths offerring railroad items for sale (who knows what they may have from year to year?), railroad model module groups and clubs and even the "Big Toys" get into the act, Virginia Railway Express has offerred short train rides every hour or so for a modest fee.

So with the DC and Suburban Maryland and Virginia area being so close, Fredericksburg & Charlottesville not terribly far away, there is sure to be fun for all.

Yes, there are always loads of choices of activities around the metro region but this one has traditionally been one of the more relaxed and easy going ones around.

The history of the region and museums nearby (Manassas Museum being just steps across the lawn), the former Southern Railway mainline and so much more can make this a real living history day for all.

Hope to see you there and when you come, expect to have loads of fun.

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