NS B-line MP B 79.5 to MP B 84.4 *** RARE Mileage Movement ***

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Mon May 25 20:32:11 EDT 2009

Thanks for sharing this information. When I was working in that area
I was constantly looking at that set of rusty rails. It is nice to
see them being used for something. Of course, seeing them bring in
revenue would be much better. When Riverton Junction was re-signaled
last summer we put up a new signal for movements coming off the B
line. As far as I know, when Riverton Jct. gets its facelift (if the
budget holds out) I assume the B line signal will remain.

Ben Blevins

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> There was probably a good reason that Steve at NS MP B-74 at Woodstock, Va

> saw a hi-Rail truck early this week.


> While crossing the tracks in Edinburg going from I-81 to Route 11, I glanced

> south and just across the Stoney Creek Bridge at MP B-79, I saw something

> which hasn't been there in nearly 20 years.


> After a little bit of investigation with a couple of very helpful and

> friendly locals, it seems that on Thursday, May 21, 2009, NS (or was it

> Chesapeake Western?) took a bunch of out-of-service cars; flats, covered

> hoppers, boxcars, cars awaiting a higher scrap price, and who knows what

> else, and shoved them to just south of the bridge at Stony Creek-Edinburg,

> MP B-79, right behind the cemetery just south of town, leaving grade

> crossings and other close encounters with Route 11 clear for the most part.

> They are presently strung out from MP B-79.5 to just north of Bowman's

> Crossing near MP B-80.8.


> Apparently there will be more such movements to come, so keep your eyes and

> ears open for this "rare mileage" move, the first since perhaps the late

> 1980's, even if a non-revenue move. These cars are expected to be stored

> until a pickup in business and/or higher scrap prices or complaints of being

> a conspicuous nuisance.


> What power did the shoving? I was told a big blue one and big black & white

> one and that's all I have for the moment. What amazed me was that they

> actually ran over that track without incident, for where I looked at it and

> have done so several times before, north of Red Banks, there are some really

> bad dips in the track. I was told the train moved very, very slowly,

> noticeably rocking and swaying as it passed across the worst of the dips

> from these people's back yards, however there apparently were 2 units. If

> anyone can gleen further information, please pass it on.


> While talking with the people, I was invited to view 4 culverts, which

> undoubtedly date from the 1850's and the original construction of the

> Manassas Gap.


> No other cars appeared, other than the hi-rail truck north of the bridge

> across Stoney Creek in Edinburg.


> Some of these cars are undoubtedly visible from I-81, and if not yet, their

> additions in the coming days and weeks will be as they string them

> southward.


> Bob Cohen




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