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I know that many pieces of N&W rolling stock--cars and diesel locomotives--had trust plates. At least some if not all of the red passenger GP9's had plates that had a bank name I'll never forget. The plates said that the equipment was held in trust by the Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank of Philadelphia. What a great bank name!

I'm sure others can give you much more information on the various trust plates on other equipment. But I'd love to own one of those Corn Bank plates myself.

Sam Putney

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I have a small collection of railroad trust plates that I acquired SEVERAL years ago.

I would like to add one for the Norfolk and Western to my collection, but I am not sure if there ever were any, or if so what the coast to acqure one might be.

Can someone answer these questions for me ?

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Have a happy day.

Neil K. Yerger

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