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Back when the low-nosed SD-40's first appeared, I asked my step dad (a road engineer on the Pokey) why they had gone to the low short hoods and he surmised that it was all about costs. Thinking back, that would make sense since the N&W was known to be thrifty.

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What's the advantage of running a low hood engine with the long hood in front?
Ron Herfurth1325 Oaktree LaneCharlottesville, Va 22901
On Feb 17, 2009, at 10:50 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:John Hecker wrote:

In Russ Goodwin's e-mail's second paragraph he says that the Highhood have the short hood as the front and the low hoods have the long hood as front. Any ideas as to why the high hoods weren't ordered as long hood forward?

The high hood N&W SD40-2's *were* setup with dual control stands and the long hood designated as the front. The only N&W SD40-2's setup for short hood forward operation were the units in the last order, Nos. 6189-6207, which were also the only N&W SD40-2's setup with single control. All of the other low short hood SD40-2's were equipped with a bi-directional control stand with the long hood designated as the front.

Chris Toth
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