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Up in Bellevue, Ohio at the Mad River Museum they have a crane as per the
attached two pix.

Mike Pierry, Jr.

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> While rail fanning the NS 1st district south out of Cincinnati and south of

> Walton, Kentucky we ended up in Williamstown, Ky. On the south end of town

> we passed a small maint. yard, and sitting on a siding was a work crane

> still lettered N&W. The number is 514881. On the cab side was a number

> LC7901N. We photographed the unit then returned home. It was a super cap

> off the a great day of chasing the high speed trains of NS. Is there a list

> of the remainining maint equipment from the N&W or VGN?


> Jeffrey Wood

> N&W VGN Hist. Soc.

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