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Joe -

First of all, Cedar Bluff was not on the Abingdon Branch. It's a junction
on the Clinch Valley Line east of Richlands where the Dry Fork line from
Iaeger comes in to the Clinch Valley.

I don't have a plan of either place, but at White Top there was a siding on
each side of the main; the north switches were just south of the summit over
which there was a wooden roadway bridge. These sidings were about 750-1000
feet long (I don't have my timetable in front of me; there is one duplicated
in Louis Newton's "RAILS REMEMBERED" volume 3 which also has photos he took
at various places). At Creek Junction there was a water tank on the hill
side of the main and a switch opening north (Junction to the old Konnarock
Branch) with a spur, about 500 feet long. The "Depot" was an old wooden
boxcar in an advanced state of deterioration. It had been painted MofW gray
at one time.

Damascus was a little more complicated, and I'll defer to others for that

Where are you getting your Ms?

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> My name is Joe Giannovario. I publish "O Scale Trains Magazine" and I

> model the N&W in the period from 1948-1958.


> I am designing a point-to-point O Scale layout based on the Abingdon

> Branch. I plan to build vignettes of Abingdon, Cedar Bluff, Damascus,

> Creek Junction and White Top. The Cedar Bluff and Creek Junction vignettes

> are basically scenic connectors to the other three vignettes.


> Here's my problem: I have a ton of information about Abingdon but can find

> little info about trackage, sidings and buildings at Damascus and White

> Top. I have photos of the depots there and that's about it.


> Is there anyone on this list who might have information that will

> elucidate these areas? You may contact me onlist or off.


> Joe Giannovario

> jag at oscalemag.com

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