N&W in 1908 -- The wild west

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Considerable excitement was created on passenger train No. 16 in the lower coal fields Monday night. When the train stopped at Thacker a man named Will Blankenship, a typical Kentucky mountaineer and a tough looking customer, boarded the train and at once began a search of the coaches for his wife, he said, whom he believed had run away with another man. After going all through the day coaches without result he entered the Pullman and continued his search. Pullman Conductor Hartsook asked what he wished and for a reply Blankenship drew two ugly looking six shooters and leveled them on the conductor, saying that he was going to see everybody that was riding on the train and further that he was going to kill two people, presumably his wife and the man she was supposed to have run away with. Conductor Hartsook remained cool and allowed him to finish his search. Deputy Sheriff Coleman of Mingo and Detective Pitman of this city, who were passengers on the train, were notified and they placed the man under arrest and when No. 16 arrived at Welch he was taken off and lodged in the McDowell county jail. He will be taken to Williamson to be tried. After Blankenship had been arrested his wife, who in fact, was on the train but alone, came to her husband but he refused to speak or have any thing to do with her. It is thought that Blankenship had been drinking whiskey--the brand that makes one mean.
Gordon Hamilton
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