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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 7, 1908

[Tip Top in Tazewell, Virginia, is fairly well known as a siding on the N&W's Clinch Valley line at the top of the eastbound ruling grade between Richlands and Bluefield and the westbound ruling grade between Bluefield and St. Paul, but what is less well known is that it once was the site of Iron Lithia Springs resort, which furnished considerable passenger business for the N&W. The following snippets are from a lengthy newspaper article on microfilm that was too faint in places to read.]


[At least two special trains brought people from Bluefield and Graham [later Bluefield, VA] to the new Iron Lithia Springs resort for a day's outing. The Hotel with rooms for 100 people was in the final stages of construction.

Four hundred people were served in the dining room.

The resort had five springs with different water from each.

Some of the guests also went a short distance from the hotel to a location where there were two sulphur springs. On their return they picked armfuls of mountain laurel.

The resort grounds were large enough for a baseball field, and two games were played.

After completion of the hotel, follow-up articles told how well patronized the hotel was.]

Gordon Hamilton
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