1908 - Natural Gas for Roanoke

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Roanoke Times - April 12, 1908


Capitalists Here Looking Into Matter of Piping Fuel to This City.


Gas Has Been Piped For More Than 300 Miles - The Distance This Would
Be Piped Would Be Only 120 - City Officers Interviewed By the Men
Here Yesterday Morning

With a view to piping natural gas into this city from the gas belt
in Clay county, West Virginia, and selling it for fuel and lighting
purposes, capitalists, whose names are withheld, were in the city
Saturday afternoon conferring with city officials relative to the
cost of tearing up streets here for the laying of pipe lines and
relative to the probability of securing a franchise.
There is not the slightest doubt that not only Roanoke, but
Lynchburg and several of the other larger towns of this section will
be furnished with natural gas within a very short period of time. It
is hinted that the men here yesterday are connected with the
Virginian Railway, and that the gas will be piped here by this company.
It is further stated that the Virginian Railway, in its franchise,
has already secured the right to pipe natural gas to Roanoke, hence
the tearing up of the city streets and cost of the pipe line for the
120 miles are the principal matters which the road has to look into,
if the road is backing the project.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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