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If I may be a little picky here the N&W use yellow not amber in the steam era signals.

Larry Evans
Kenova, WV

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Hi Ken:

Take a look at one of my site, I am slowly cobbling it together....still lots to add, but I will be adding more in time...

The signals themselves are identical to the PRR Union Switch and Signal position light signals. The N&W, at one time, used amber lights in all signals and later colorized them (around the early 1960's). I will do some scanning for you in the next few days with all of the indications, you may find that helpful.

Position Light signals are still in use on the N&W, though there days are numbered. Up here in Ohio, several locations on the Columbus and Sandusky districts are still equipped, but again, their days are numbered.

It sounds like you are talking about a search light signal, where exactly did you see these? The N&W did have some line equipped with searchlights, primarily the old Wabash.


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Howdy Eric,

Yes! Those are the ones I was asking about the date when they were replaced with the newer signals. I have seen them with 7, 6, and 4 lights in them and they are pretty big. I would guess that they are roughly 4 to 6 feet in diameter. I believe they are similar to ones that the Pennsy used as well. I have some in HO scale made by NJ International that I am placing on my layout so if you know how they worked that would be great!

The other signals I am referring to have a single light in the center of them. Basically a standard searchlight signal. They look to be about 24 inches in diameter. If you know what they were used for as well, I'll be in fat city. :)


Ken McWilliams
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