1907 - Along The Tidewater

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> In this connection, it is interesting to note the following

> account of the wonderful growth of a little town situated on the

> Tidewater in the county of Lunenburg:

> Among the numerous towns which have come into existence on

> account of the unparalleled developments in the South during the

> recent years, perhaps there is not another one which has been so

> blessed in a great many respects as the little town of Tinkling,

> situated in the famous county of Lunenburg, widely known as the

> "Free State," on account of the fact that she had a regiment of

> soldiers in the Confederate army before the state of Virginia had

> seceded from the Union.

> Tinkling is a small town, located on the Virginian railway, 118

> miles from Norfolk. This town came into existence on account of the

> building of the great Tidewater railway, afterwards changed to the Virginian.

> Sixteen months ago there stood one lone grocery store to mark the

> place where today there is a thriving town of fourteen stores,

> actually doing business, and four more being erected. There is also

> a bank, with a capital of $30,000, which does a large business;

> also a large granite quarry, which furnishes ballast for the

> Virginian railway. There is also here the Lunenburg Brick and Tile

> Company, which makes a very good brick. They have installed the

> damp-mud process, and have a plant capable of manufacturing 35,000

> bricks per day.

Tinkling? This station came up several months ago at the Archives
Work Session. It was station unknown to us. It was discovered in a
June 17, 1907 timetable between Alberta and Victoria. It was
concluded that most likely the name was changed to Kenbridge.

Any additional info will be appreciated.

Jim Blackstock

Tinkling (Between Alberta and Victoria June 17, 1907 tt most likely
name changed to Kenbridge)

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