1907 - For a New Railroad

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Roanoke Times - December 17, 1907

For a New Railroad

Richmond, Va., Dec. 16 - Special - Application for a charter for
the Fredericksburg & Southern Railway which is believed to be the
opening wedge of a combination of roads to parallel the Richmond,
Fredericksburg & Potomac, a one-third interest in which is owned by
the state, north and south, and to give the Wabash, another Gould
property, a southern outlet, was argued before the state corporation
commission today. The charter was finally withdrawn in order that an
amendment might be made to the effect that it is not proposed to
build the line north of Fredericksburg. Answers will later be filed
by Attorney General Anderson, representing the interests of the state
and attorneys for the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac, after which
the commission will take the matter under consideration. If the
charter is granted it is probable that the matter will be taken to
the supreme court. It is stated in the charter of the Richmond,
Fredericksburg & Potomac that the line shall not be paralleled.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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