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Sun Dec 16 11:34:22 EST 2007

Nathan, thanks for sharing the audio clips of 228 at

If people would like to match the scene to the sound,
they can click on video clips at

As some know, there are motion-activated cameras that
monitor the Boyce station building perimeter, as well
as views north and south along the tracks. If anyone
has webcam experience and wants to help with a 2008
planning project for capturing and uploading videos to
a website, please let me know.

I also have two audio modules that can be added to the
camera monitoring. They can be used to listen by a
camera monitor user.

Much of this support can be provided via Internet, not
requiring someone to drive to Boyce except on an
infrequent basis. The infrastructure is in place, but
the set up and systems maintenance are the remaining

If you'd like to read a holiday update, please open
this Word document:

I hope people can drop by on Saturdays mid-day during
the coming year. Have a great '08!

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at

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