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Here is a photo of a H0 N&W bracket signal on my layout. This is one of a
number of non operating signals made from modified Oregon Rail Products
signal heads, brass tube, channel and angle, plus brass frets from
freestatesystems1 at which provide ladders and platforms.

There is an article on modelling Pennsy signals in the Keystone Modeler
issues 35 to 38 2006 that illustrates the way to make operating Pennsy/N&W
signals, but does not include bracket signals. I scaled photos to obtain
the dimensions for the models and made them non operating, as life is too
short spend the time needed not only to make seven lights work, but also to
change the aspects to those required for all the possible alternatives.
The signals have yellow dots to indicate the most used route. It is in any
case not possible to see the lights unless one is looking straight at them.

Positioning the signals is itself a difficult job and am grateful to Jimmy
Lisle who advised me with signal positing. For anyone without a prototype
rail background this is no easy task especially on a complicated layout.

I have written a short article for the British NMRA about the construction
of these signals referring to the Pennsy article, which I recommend to
anyone who is considering making their own signals to read.

Regards, Richard Hood

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