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Harry its spelled "Charlotte", regardless of how it is pronounced. Cal Reynolds.
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The ATC device is a key element in the plausibility of
operations on the RF&P. The Southern mainline did not
have such a control mechanism.

It's true, Bob, RF&P's Automatic Train Control was
not compatible with Southern's Automatic Train Stop.
But read item #100 in RF&P's Instructions:

"An intermittent auto-manual train stop system
between "RO" and "AF" Interlockings on No. 2
and No. 3 tracks is in service.

This system has been added to exiting signal system
and is for use by Southern Railway, C&O Railway,
and B&O Railroad trains."

So it was possible for an ATS - equipped engine to
travel across the RF&P. Southern elected to apply
ATS to it's Shawlotte Division (Salisbury-Atlanta) after
the ICC mandate.

From the Richmond-side, SOU 4501 operated to
Alexandria in September, 1966, and for a period of
19 days in 1969, Southern traffic detoured via SAL-
Richmond-RF&P following Hurricane Camille's
destruction of the Tye River bridge. So apparently, there
were capabilities for a non-ATC - equipped locomotive to
operate across RF&P.
Harry Bundy

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