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Marion, OH has one of the countrys's more interesting rail transportation
advancements working out of a depot approx. 1 mile east of town . CSX has a
rent-a- train operation between Marion, OH and Kansas City, MO daily approx
Departures 7PM and Arrivals 7AM. SCHNEIDER INTERNATIONAL truck operations
ships its own containers and piggyback trailers on it own cars between the
two terminals that belong to the trucking company. One trip each way daily.
Jacque Lussier of St Albans, VT did this same thing in the late 60's early
70's until the railroad slammed him by giving the service away via no charge
for car storage in Boston, the destination of the Canadian freight
(newsprint for the Boston Globe) that Jacques was handling with "his
platforms, his hwy trailers, and operating both end terminal activities.
Jacques is being overlooked for the Intermodal HALL OF FAME. He paid for
this personally and lost everything after the RXR did him in.Railroading is
fun to watch but to look underneath the RXR industry and you can see those
who could be the leaders of any Subprime, Enron thinking as to make ALL THE

Point A - Point B movements such as the above will become a major force in
all rail movements in the near future. And these will not be just between
rail facilities. Third party locations will dominate.

Oakie G. Ford

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> The 2008 NWHS Convention will be held June 11-15 in Marion, Ohio.


> Your convention hosts Steve Summers and John Munson are making final

> arrangements right now.


> Marion is located on the former Pennsylvania line between Columbus and

> Sandusky. This line was purchased by the N&W in 1964 to provide a

> connection between the newly acquired Nickle Plate and Wabash Railroads

> and the Norfolk and Western. Even before 1964, this line saw many trains

> of N&W hoppers carrying precious Pocahontas coal to Great Lakes colliers

> at Sandusky, Ohio.


> Our headquarters for the convention will be the beautifully-restored

> historic Hotel Harding. The Hotel Harding is right up the street from the

> Marion Union Station at the eight! (yes count 'em), eight-diamond

> junction. The restored station houses both a museum and model railroad. In

> addition, the Marion interlocking tower has been saved, complete with the

> interlocking machine and will be open for your inspection. If you like

> seeing trains in action, this convention is for you!


> More detailed information will be mailed with the January/February/March

> 2008 issue of The Arrow and posted on the NWHS web site.


> Ron Davis



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