wheel slippage and track damage

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Gary's explanation on wheel slippage is very interesting! Thanks, Gary!

It reminds me of when I was at Ferrum College starting in the fall of 1961.
Ferrum was a two year college then and I went on to Lynchburg College
afterward. Now to my point. As a new student there I took advantage of learning the
N&W operations very soon. One of my first outings was to walk the line north
from the station. I remember how it curved sharply right. About a mile into
the walk, I came on some "rail burns." That's what I always called the
resulting marks of wheel slippage. I noticed how there were 8 on each rail and
when I was back to my room, I dug out my reference material and looked for the
axle spacing of steam locomotives. I don't remember what class I imagined it
was when I measured the burns on the rails, but I do remember being excited
when I found that it was made by a 2-8-8-2 who had lost its footing. That has
been over 45 years ago.

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