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In addition to the rail burn problem mentioned by Harry Bundy, there
has been at least one instance of uncontrolled slipping resulting in
motion damage. A few years ago in the UK, on a steam-hauled
excursion, a poorly trained engine driver allowed his 4-6-2 to slip
so badly that one or more rods bent or were broken. This not only
destroyed the motion, but it also seriously damaged the cylinder
casting. I believe that the loco is serviceable again, but I think
that they had to have the cylinder assembly recast. (Can you imagine
trying to find someone to cast a cylinder saddle in the US today?)

On a modern US loco with cylinders integral with the engine bed, this
would be a disaster!

pete groom
On Dec 9, 2007, at 8:55 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

How damaging was it for a steam locomotive to “slip”. I notice that
in Winston Link’s recordings and in the Pocahontas Glory videos
series, there are several instances of locos slipping. Was this
damaging to the wheels or the rails?

Mike Weeks


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