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Yes, Bluefield is Circus Hungry
For a long time the city of Bluefield has been under a ban as far as circuses were concerned. The Norfolk and Western officials have an order that no show is allowed to stop between Pearisburg and Tazewell and Williamson that has more than one or two cars. For four or five years now no big show has been to this city although each year several of the larger shows have tried to get in. This prohibition is due to the fact that large shows attract miners from the coal field and that the output of coal for that day is considerably curtailed thereby. This year the merchants and business people are trying to secure one of the largest circuses in the county, and expect, on account of the depression in the coal trade, that for this time the order will be suspended, and the circus be allowed to come. The business men want it. The people want to see (at least they want to take the children). A petition is being circulated which will be taken to Roanoke by a committee of business men and laid before their old friend and neighbor, General Manager Maher.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 11, 1904

Gordon Hamilton
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