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A few corrections to a 100 year old article.

1. Smyth County does not have an "e" in it.

2. The railroad that tha VS connected with Was the Marion and Rye Valley, it was chartered that way, don't know why they left out Marion.

When the small community of Woodmont expanded and requested to be incorporated into a town, it turned out that there was already a Woodmont, Virginia located just south of Washington D.C., So in order to avoid any confusion the name was changed to Fairwood, a huge sawmill was built there along with a community of company houses and stores.

Today all that is left is a few foundations and a couple houses. The area is also the gateway to the national forest trails that lead up Pine Mountain using the old railroad switchbacks to access the area we know today as the "Scales"

Gary Price

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Building of Short Lines Develops Vast Tracts of Timber
The Virginia and Southern Railroad Co. has completed its line of railway from Sugar Grove, Smythe county, Va., to Woodmont, in Grayson county. Sugar Grove is the terminal of the Rye Valley Railroad, with which the Virginia Southern connects thereby giving an outlet from Woodmont to Marion, on the main line of the Norfolk and Western.
The town of Woodmont is in the center of the 20,000 acres of timber land owned by the Grayson Lumber Co. The company has two or three large saw mills at that point, and others soon to be started. Besides the saw mills, Woodmount can boast of one wholesale house, a good hotel, and a few handsome dwellings.
A great deal of lumber will be manufactured into spokes, handles, and furniture of all descriptions, and the finished product shipped over the railroad to Marion, and there find its way to the markets of the world.
Woodmont will also be the shipping point of the Douglass Land Co. This company has decided to cut into lumber its vast acreage of timber adjoining the lands of the Grayson Lumber Co.
In the eastern part of Grayson, the Norfolk and Western Railway Company has extended its line from Blair to Galax, a distance of three miles. Galax is situated on the boundary line between Carroll and Grayson about two miles east of Old Town, on the main turnpike leading from Hillsville to Independence.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 10, 1904

Gordon Hamilton
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